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Once your design agreement is signed and the first payment is received, the fun begins!


1. Final Measurements and Trade Day:

Even though we get some preliminary measurements during our initial consultation, there’s always something we need to confirm. Furniture plans are important so we want to make sure we have the correct measurements from the start. Also, many of our projects require work done by one of our qualified tradespeople. We like to bring them in early on to provide accurate quotes and see the scope of work in person. All contracts for tradespeople will be with the client.

2. Design Development

This is where the real fun begins! Furniture plans are finalized, we begin selecting all the pieces and parts to give you a personalized design plan. Please know we are working hard getting all the details worked out so you may not hear from us until we present the design plans.

3. Design Plan Presentation

The design presentation is one of my favorite parts of your project. The amount of time we need for this phase varies by project, but is listed on your design agreement. This is the day where we present your complete design plan. This includes furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs, paint colors and anything else your project needs. This meeting will take place in our office and we ask you give us 2-3 hours of your time. Also, all decision makers must be present at this meeting. Our larger projects will require a second or third presentation. Again, all decision makers must be present so we can finalize selections.

4. Estimating and Client Approval

Once all selections are finalized, we will submit an estimate outlining all the costs. Each estimate must be signed and payment made before anything can be ordered. Some estimates are broken into a few small payments, but all materials must be paid for 100% in advance before installations can be scheduled. We do our best to schedule the installation 8-12 weeks from receipt of the signed estimates. If this time frame has to change, due to back orders, we will notify you immediately.

5. Purchasing and Receiving

The purchasing phase is another one where you may not hear from us for a while. We are ordering everything needed for your installation. All of our manufacturers and tradespeople are working on completing your design plan. We contract with a local warehouse to receive your items as they arrive. Each piece is inspected and assembled (if needed) and stored until installation day.

6. Trade Installations

At some point during the purchasing phase, we will begin scheduling any tradespeople needed to complete their work. This will include painting, lighting changes, carpentry work, etc. All of this work must be completed before the furniture arrives. We will do our best to get this phase completed as quickly as possible. If requested, we will visit the site to make sure the work is done correctly and monitor the progress. The client will pay all tradespeople directly for their work.

7. Furnishings Installation

The big day is finally here and we can’t wait to bring your design plan to life! Once ALL your items have been received, we will schedule the installation of all your soft goods and furniture. We coordinate all the furniture delivery, window treatment and wall decor installation. Depending on the size of your project, this may take more than one day. We do ask that clients not be home during the installation to provide the best reveal experience. We’ll schedule the installation for a time that is most convenient for you, but needs to be done Monday through Friday.

8. Final Reveal

This is when you get to see what we’ve been working on all these months. You will notice items (accessories and wall decor) that you may not have seen before. These items were purchased based on what you did approve using the shopping budget you have already paid. If you want to return these items; you must do so within 3 days as our window to return them to our vendors is small. If you decide to keep them, they will be included on your final invoice.

9. Finishing Touches

After you’ve had a chance to live in your space for a few days, we may do a final walk through. During that meeting we will create a punch list of any items that need to be taken care of. We also may bring out a few more things that were missed during the installation phase. We will handle everything for you as quickly as possible as we can’t wait for you to enjoy your beautiful home for years to come!

Please expect the unexpected...

It’s Murphy’s Law of Design - if something can go wrong, it will. With so many people involved in a project, there’s a good chance that everything won’t go according to plan. Please know that we have processes in place to handle these things and most of the time, you won’t even know they are happening.

Nothing is perfect. Almost everything we are installing in your home is made by human hands. A furniture piece may come in damaged and we will handle that prior to your installation, but there is an industry tolerance on what is considered “damaged” and it is our job to handle this for you. Price points are a huge indicator of what you can expect and this will be addressed with you during our presentation phase.

On many jobs there is one piece that may take longer than the rest. If that is the case with your project, we will work with you on figuring out the best solution.

Lead times can change daily. We may select something for you with plenty of stock one day and when we order it, it’s delayed for months. Again, if this is the case with your project, we will handle it. This is why you hired us.

Custom orders can’t be returned. Once you commit and we order it, we own it.

Sometimes a manufacturer will allow merchandise to be returned for a restocking fee. In addition to the restocking fee, there will be freight costs and hourly design fees charged for handling the return. Sometimes a factory will allow a cancellation if an items has not shipped.

Holidays and parties do not make things happen faster. We want projects finished up as quickly as possible and do our best to make that happen. Please don’t plan anything until your installation is completed.

There are a number of costs that can only be estimated; prior to installation day. These include assembly costs, freight and delivery charges. Assembly costs are charged by the hour and all depend on how your item arrives to the warehouse. Freight costs vary depending on the weight and distance your item has to travel. Delivery charges are based on the time it takes to load and unload your items from the truck and the number of men required. We will estimate these charges for you and include that on your estimates, but actual costs are due upon receipt of your final invoice.

Warranties are available on some products we install and are available upon request. If you find in need of warranty work (once your punch list is completed) please contact us to figure out the best course of action.

Communication is the key component to any successful relationship. We prefer all communication to take place via email or phone. Replies will be handled during our normal business hours.